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Tips for Seniors


I love photographing seniors. Their senior year is ahead of them and they're just so excited about the year ahead. Most of them are up for just about anything which is great fun for me and makes for some very cool shots. However, some seniors might be a little uneasy or nervous about their session or have questions and concerns. I’ve been asked numerous times “what should I wear?”  “What should I bring?”  “Should I wear my glasses?” etc. 


I want to make your time with me fun and comfortable, so I’ve put together a small list of suggestions on how to prepare for your session, which I hope will help ease your mind. Of course, by the time we are finished, you will probably have had so much fun you probably forgot what it was you were nervous about.



*Clothing – Choose a few different outfits with a variety of colors and try to stay with what you are comfortable with. I have found that layering is a good idea. It’s easy to throw on a sweater, jacket, long sleeve shirt, vest, or something similar to change your look. You can also bring something dressier if you wish as well. We can usually find a restroom for you to change in. Accessories are fun too. It’s fun to look back and see what your favorite bracelet was or that hat you just couldn’t live without. Just don’t overdo it; we want the focus to be on you. Make sure your clothes are flattering to you. Baggy styles may make you look larger than you are. And of course, darker shades are more slimming. Solid colors usually look better than prints or plaids. When considering your entire outfit keep in mind that we will be doing full-length shots so your shoes matter too.


*Hair – Avoid getting a haircut just before your session. I don’t know how many times I’ve regretted a haircut and couldn’t wait for it to grow out a little. We don’t want you looking back at your photos unhappy with your hair. If you have a special hat or beanie, bring it. It’s fun to have a variety of different looks.


*Glasses – Glasses typically glare, so if they aren’t necessary consider not wearing them. However, if you really want to wear your favorite sunglasses we can do a few for fun.  I can work around it by changing positions.


*Makeup/Skin- When applying makeup try to stay natural or close to what you would normally wear. DO NOT worry about blemishes; I will retouch every one of your photos at no extra cost.  Avoid sunburn, and guys remember to shave if you want a clean-cut look.


*Props – Props are FUN! Bring some items that are special to you and tell who you are. You can bring a musical instrument, sports equipment, hobby items, school jackets, etc. If you love your car we can even work that into the session as well.


**I want your photos to look natural. I will have different ideas on how to position you based on light, composition, and style, but I won’t put you in ridiculous or stiff poses.  If I want you to sit or stand a certain way I’ll usually show you by doing it myself so you don’t have to guess what I mean.


I will take traditional shots so you have plenty to choose from for the yearbook and plenty of creative/fun shots. If you have an idea or want to try something don’t hesitate to tell me.   

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